About Us

Infinity ECN Investment House is part of Innovation Al-almiah Holding Co is your global trading partner and one of the most important trading brokers in the global market. Infinity ECN was established to provide services to traders, with a team of specialists with more than 15 years of experience in the field of trading. Our subscribers in all major capital markets trade a diverse list of financial instruments that include stocks, commodities, foreign currency pairs and more.

We work in many countries to serve our goals to rise to the top of the companies operating in this field with distinction through trading platforms for different investment sectors that are characterized by a flexible and easy-to-use professional interface. We are not satisfied with that, but rather we provide our customers with accurate and timely data and information based on the appropriate information base at the right time to achieve a highly efficient service for customers that enables them to excel in the market.

Our vision:

For Infinity to be the first platform that constitutes the best place to trade in the financial markets and such, and has the greatest credibility in dealing with clients by providing the most honest, realistic, reliable and accurate investment data in order to reach the reality of the market and enable the customer to make the appropriate investment decision at the appropriate time to reach the desired goal of the investment

Our mission and goals:

We strive to be leaders in the field of financial services, to provide services in line with the requirements of the market, and to use our knowledge to provide the best technology to obtain the most appropriate customer experience.

On the other hand, we are working continuously to develop our products to provide the best support to customers who are looking for distinct and professional services, and thus contribute to building a safe and effective investment sector. Herein lies the professionalism of Infinity in providing a service that allows them to achieve the desired profits and expand their investment base, so we always work to expand the base of our activities, improve the quality of our data and keep it up to date with market developments. Infinity is currently taking accelerated steps in collecting financial market data through databases and a specialized team working with dedication and high efficiency 24/5. So we decided to be the most distinctive brand in everything related to investment and trading by constantly striving for excellence, discipline and dedication in providing innovative and highly competitive trading services within the reach of everyone. As well as providing full support and empowerment to our customers, partners and employees.

To achieve these goals, we work at Infinity to identify the needs by knowing customer interests, market trends and requirements, and analyzing them to determine the client’s need and provide him/her with assistance to achieve his/her goal. Therefore, we let the specialists in our team work and analyze side by side with our developers to be aware of market changes and to deliver the most appropriate information to customers with professionalism and efficiency. Among the most prominent features of Infinity is the keenness to develop and to know the opinions of our customers to amend any deficiency that may arise and to keep up with each event on time.

Professional staff:

Infinity invested in its team to create a highly qualified team whose mission is to work hard in order to provide its customers with data and analysis in the above-mentioned manner.