Definitions and Interpretations ​

​While trading, the following words shall have the corresponding meanings:

Here we provide you with the following explanation

Access Codes:- It is the username and password of every trader in order to have access to your online trading account.

Account:- Any transaction account which is opened for investors on our records to allow trade in Financial Instruments.

Balance:- The total sum of your Account after the last transaction made within any period of time.

Base Currency:- The first currency in the currency pair.

Bonus Terms:- The conditions as advertised by the company that must be fulfilled by all investors in order to receive the bonus incentive.

​Business Day:- Any day, other than a Saturday or a Sunday, or the 25th of December, or the 1st of January.

​Customer Agreement:- The Agreement between the Company and the Client, which you can read under terms and conditions section.

Currency of the Account:- The currency that you choose when opening an Account with us or that you request to convert into after the Account is opened.  

Currency Pair:- Consists of 2 currencies. The first one is the Base Currency and the second is the Quote Currency.​

Liquidity Providers:- The Company shall act as agent of the Client when receiving and transmitting orders. The liquidity providers are banks, credit card companies, among others. 

Leverage:​- Is the tool that enables the client to open deals in amounts greater than his capital. For each dollar traded by the client, he can trade x200 without the risk of more than one dollar.  

Margin:- The necessary guaranteed funds to open positions or to maintain open positions.

NDFs,Non-Deliverable Forwards. This has the same meaning as CFDs. 

CFDsContracts for Difference

Online Trading System:- Any software used for making it possible to obtain information of markets in real time, to make technical analysis on the markets, enter into Transactions, place, modify, or delete Orders.

Open Position:- A deal of purchase or sale not yet closed.

Order:- An instruction sent through the Trading Platform. 

Pending order:​- Order to buy or sell a Financial Instrument at a price different from the market price.

Quote Currency:- The second currency in the trading currency pair.

Speculation:- Buy currencies to sell when the price rises to make a profit from it.

Slippage:-​ This term refers to the difference between the expected price and the price at which the trade is actually executed.

​Spread:- The difference between the ask and the bid prices of an underlying asset.

Stop Loss:- An offer to close a transaction at a price determined in advance by the Client when opening the deal.

Swap Free: –  Refers to a transaction opened at a certain date and opening the same trading deal the next day.

Take Profit:- The amounts earned in each transaction that was opened.

Trading Recommendations:- Are the recommendations that the company sends to you via mobile daily, which tells you the deals that would be preferable to hold according to the daily market analysis.

Position :- Any trading of any financial instrument whether in selling or buying.

Support :- A price that acts as a floor for past or future price movements.

Point of Resistance:- The point at which the price reaches the maximum and can not penetrate it to move further up the price that the market could not penetrate

ECN:- A brokerage firm between the trader and the market and its profit is of the price difference