Refund policy

Refund policy The reimbursement policy has been developed to reduce the financial and legal risks of the company, to respect the principles of the anti-money laundering policy and the financing of terrorism. The Company has the right to unilaterally block access to the customer area, suspend account activity, cancel a request for transfer / withdrawal or make a refund if the source of funds or the activities of the customer conflict with the objectives of combating money laundering or combating the financing of terrorism. The company does not cancel the commercial transactions put in place. Therefore, it has the right to return the funds to the shipper if, within one month from the date of payment, no trading activity has been recorded on the trading accounts. The Company has the right, under certain objective conditions and if necessary, to repay the funds received via any payment system, including credit / debit cards. In addition, the refund will go to the electronic wallets and bank details that were used by the client when paying the funds. It should also be mentioned that the withdrawal of the total amount of the deposit is possible only on the same conditions and to the same payment system as those used when depositing the account.