The forex market and currency exchange rates are affected by many political and economic factors, as well as by monetary policy. And we cannot neglect that market speculation is the main influence on market price changes; as supply and demand for the currency are the determinants of its price change in the market. Moreover, the effect on the market price of the currency is directly proportional to the increase in the number of traders.

Forex trading through Infinity Company achieves several advantages since the basis of trading is confidence, clear information and professional analysis based on correct rules and information.

In Forex trading (trading with foreign currencies), you are trading on a currency pair through buying and selling; as you buy one currency in another currency, meaning that you sell that currency to buy the other currency.

Foreign Exchange Trading

It is known in English as F.O.R.E.X, which is an abbreviation of the term Foreign Exchange, ” which means the exchange of a currency for a different currency with the aim of making a difference called profit.”

It is one of the current largest and most liquid global markets, as the volume of trading in it may reach more than four trillion dollars daily.

Forex Market:

This market enables you to buy the currency in circulation, as desired, if the market is open.

Forex is traded during the opening hours of the trading markets, and it is known that the Forex market is open five days a week and 24 hours a day.

Contracts for Difference (CFDs):

They are financial documents that allow traders to trade foreign exchange rates, an index, a stock, or a specific commodity without owning the financial instrument itself.

Trading on CFDs is done by granting a financial position at a specific price on a specific instrument, and the difference between the opening price and the closing price is the contract for difference. The price of the underlying asset is known as the price of the contract for difference, and if the price of the underlying asset rises, the contract for difference rises. Note that CFDs allow the use of leverage, which is not usually available in stock products, so these contracts were more popular and widespread.

Trading in Forex and trading in contracts for difference through Infinity Company achieves many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Access to fifty-five currency pairs.
  • Low spreads.
  • Leverage up to …
  • Immediate execution of orders.
  • Professional customer service 24/5.

Trading on Stock Indices:

The mechanism for determining stock indexes differs between ordinary shares, ownership shares or equity shares in the price of its request and its display according to circulation. Which enables the customer to trade in it, such as contracts for difference via the Internet. Shares are a mean of financing and it is also a tool of ownership for investors. Some companies call for savings in order to collect the necessary funds for investment, and the savers’ contribution is in the form of shares that guarantee them the right to receive a portion of the profits achieved by those Companies.

Infinity offers a fantastic opportunity to make a profit in this type of trading by giving clients the following features:

  • Trading takes place in more than …… American and Australian companies.
  • The ability to make sales and purchasing deals.
  • Low commission fees.
  • Leverage up to …
  • Immediate execution of orders.
  • Professional customer service 24/5.

Digital Currencies:

Digital currencies are electronic currencies designed for exchange in virtual transactions, as they are not a tangible, physical currency, but a digital currency that cannot be kept in your physical wallet, but rather is a multilateral agreement on every computer connected with the digital currency network that you own. Infinity is a distinct broker in the field of trading in digital currencies according to the trading conditions granted by it, especially with regard to margin. Unlike cash currencies and traditional transactions, payments are recorded on a digital record, and transfers of these digital currencies are not exchanged by financial institutions.

Digital currency trading with Infinity provides a good opportunity to trade the widest possible range of digital currencies due to the popularity and spread of these currencies, and the fact that trading in them does not depend on financial institutions. Trading through Infinity has the following advantages: