Cookies policy

The site’s commercial message stems from informing the customer of the maximum limits of hardware connection \ or its files , It is understood that accessing the company’s website sometimes means storing a small part of the information automatically on the client’s device in order to provide a limited view of your interests and vision in a way that enables the company to provide the service to the client better, which will be clarified in this statement.

Definitions :

  • Client : The natural or legal person contracting with the company .
  • The Company : Company
  • Website : The company website On the Internet and any pop-ups .
  • cookies : A group of numbers and/or letters that represent a small part of the information that is stored or some of it is stored on the customer’s computer or browser when visiting a website and aims to provide a statistical theory on the customer’s activity and interest

Why do we use cookies and is it harmful to the communication device?

The company’s website uses cookies to improve the performance of the site, identify the interests and aspirations of the customer, and improve the performance of the company’s pages on the Internet.

Cookies cannot be harmful to the customer’s device, but rather it is an electronic way to distinguish the customer from the rest of the customers who use the company’s website on the Internet. The customer’s continued browsing of the company’s site is considered consent to the use of cookies

What are the cookies used by the company’s website?

The company’s website uses many cookies in order to improve performance and ease of access to information within the Internet’s algorithms. The most prominent of these links are:

  • Statistical files:

    They are files that allow identifying the visitors of the site, their number and the angles they browse on the site, which makes it easier for us to identify the interests of customers and determine the appropriate times for entry, investments, speculations and deals that they are interested in and provide us with an information base that enables us to facilitate browsing for customers, each according to his vision and interest 

  • Job links:

    These files are our means of identifying the client’s person every time he enters our website, which makes it easier for us to distinguish the client and customize the content for him and remember his preferences for the file, geographical location, text size and others.

  • Performance analysis cookies:

    By writing down your visits to the company’s website and your interests, and through browsing and the links you visited, it becomes clear to the company statistically your interests, dear client of our company, and we can identify aspects of the activity that interest you or interest you, which helps improve our site to become closer to your interest through what is displayed advertising to you.

  • Basic cookies:

    These files constitute the basic files of the link, which include the basics of the customer’s access to the company’s website, including, but not limited to, the secure login files through the company’s website on the Internet.

Why does the company use cookies?

Cookies are used by the Company to access in a statistical and analytical manner the interests of visitors to our website. Cookies also improve the way client records are stored in trading sessions and transactions and facilitate your progress on each new page or link during transactions and financing operations.

Cookies also contribute to remembering and recognizing the customer’s preferences in a way that saves time and eliminates the need to write passwords and name each time you use the site

What do I need to know about cookies?

*Cookies are not exclusive to the company

Not all cookies on our website are set and analyzed solely by the Company. Rather, the company sometimes uses cookies provided by other websites and pages on the Internet that are characterized by trust and credibility, most notably (Google), which is known for its credibility in analysis, in order to improve the company’s performance and understand the customer’s needs.


We do not aim by collecting the customer’s basic cookies for a marketing purpose, but rather it aims to improve and facilitate the performance of the site in a way that enables the customer to reach his interests in the least time and the best performance. 

We do not use cookies to target the customer with advertisements on the Internet primarily, but the main goal is to evaluate performance and make the necessary improvements on our website to improve the customer’s browsing experience and save time and effort in completing deals.

* What is the most prominent information that is recorded about the customer through cookies?

Through cookies, some information related to customer accounts is recorded, which does not lead to the disclosure of the customer’s identity, most notably:

  • Domain name and Internet service provider.
  • The number of times you access our website.
  • The customer’s IP. 
  • The dates, times and duration of your access and browsing of our website.
  • The operating system used by the client.

Policy review:

The company has the right to review this statement time after time whenever the need arises without notifying customers of that, whether before or during the consideration of the complaint and in any way the company finds it necessary . 

Contact message : 

The company welcomes any inquiries in particular by emailing us at

*For more information about cookies, please feel free to visit