Complaints Handling Policy

The Infinityecn company will carefully consider each complaint, inquiry, briefing, and / or concern motives received by its clients. The company will take the necessary procedures and investigations to deal with these complaints based on the company’s mission and vision in providing its services to customers and resolving all problems that customers may encounter in light of the company’s policies and principles of justice, fairness, integrity and transparency.

Therefore, the company will keep records of complaints and the taken or will be taken procedures to deal with complaints in accordance with the rules of justice and equity.

Definitions :

In order to avoid repetition, the following expressions and words should have the meanings set forth as listed below wherever they appear in this statement, unless otherwise intended:

  • Company : Infinityecn Company

  • Customer: The natural or moral person contracting with the company.

  • The complainant: Every natural or moral person who submits a complaint to the company as defined in this prospectus, whether he is in a contract with the company or not.

  • Complaint: Every request, objection, notification of dissatisfaction, or request for briefings related to the performance of the service provided by the company. It involves a protest by the complainant towards the performance of the company or any of its employees or agents. However, the inquiries received about the nature of the company’s business, services, or aspects of its activities do not constitute a complaint within the meaning of this prospectus.

  • Procedures: a series of actions conducted by the company or one of its departments to address the complaint received from the complainant in light of the company’s policies and principles of justice, fairness, integrity and transparency.

Time Limits for Filing a Complaint

The company seriously considers any complaint received from one of its clients or others and works to solve it within an appropriate period. Therefore, the complainant must submit it within four business days from the complained act occurrence date (the day of the act, however, should not be counted).

The Method of Submitting a Complaint and the Required Data

The complaint must be submitted to the company by e-mail, so the complaint unit can handle it.

In order to ensure that the complaint is handled within the proper procedures and that the response would be addressed to the complainant properly and without delay, the complaint must include the following basic data of the complainant:

  • The complainant’s name, address and contact details.

  • The complainant’s account number – if any.

  • Contact details (966115204415/ )

  • The subject of the complaint.

  • Details of the complaint including the date and time of the complained act, and the name of the employee complained about

Complaint Settlement Procedures :

-Once the complaints unit receives the complaint and within five working days, the relevant department in the company will inform the complainant of receiving the complaint via the cited contact site in the complaint.

– The competent Complaints Department, in cooperation with the Customer Care Department and the rest of the company’s departments, will try to resolve the complaint as much as possible within seven working days, in order to reach an appropriate settlement if it is found that the complaint has an acceptable basis, and if it can be resolved by a satisfactory settlement method for the complainant and the company, taking into account the interests of the customer.

– If the settlement as mentioned above is not possible, or If the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome and/or the way the complaint was handled, the Complaints Department will, on its own or upon the complainant’s request, turn the complaint into processing according to the official procedures for handling complaints

– However, the complaint in all its stages is handled, considered and followed up by the company according to procedures characterized by transparency and clarity.

Communication Recording :

The complainant authorizes the company to record any communications or correspondence, including any phone calls or through any online communication means, as well as any conversations or electronic messages of any kind. The company keeps them as it deems necessary, even after the complaint is closed. The complainant must first review this leaflet before starting the complaint procedures.

Procedures for Handling Unresolved Complaints :

– If no settlement is reached in accordance with the above-mentioned procedures, the company shall notify the complainant and transfer the complaint to the competent department to handle it according to the official procedures followed in the company.

– It is important for the complainant to know that any complaint and/or report that does not contain the basic information mentioned in this statement will not be dealt with.

– All the complaint consideration procedures are written – either manually or electronically – from the moment the complaint is registered and given a serial number in the company complaint record, until the internal investigation procedures. The company makes every effort needed to investigate the complaint in order to find the truth and provide an appropriate response to the complainant about his complaint within a period not exceeding three months from the start date of the formal complaint procedures.

Complaints Register:

The company maintains a special record of complaints in which the following data are recorded:

  • The main complainant data provided above, including a summary of the complaint.

  • The date of receipt the complaint.

  • Details and data of the complained employee.

  • The department, unit or service to which the complained employee belongs.

  • Summary of the company’s response to the complaint.

This record must be kept for at least five years from the date of the response to the complainant.

Additional Information :

It is agreed that the company is entitled to compel the complainant to submit any additional data or documents even if they are not mentioned above; in order to reach the truth and the ultimate interest of the company and the complainant.

Right to appeal :

If the company’s response is not consistent with the demands and aspirations of the complainant, then the latter has the right to appeal this response to the Senior Management of the Company within three days from the date of receiving the response.

Policy Revie :

The company has the right to review this statement many times whenever needed without notifying the clients, either before or during the deals, and at any time the company finds necessary.

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