News Economic

News Economic

The most important news and events in the global stock markets that caused major movements during the opening of the market :

This is the economic market movement summary for Tuesday : 

  • A rise in oil futures prices during the day which is supported by the decline in the US dollar index caused an increase in the US crude futures by 0.20% to reach for (74.33 dollars per barrel) compared with its price in the opening  of the market (74.18 dollars per barrel).
  • While Brent crude futures increased by 0.33% to reach 75.35 dollar per barrel compared to its price at the opening of the market (75.25 dollar per barrel).
  • Gold futures prices increased during today’s trading sessions to record an increase of 0.20% to reach 1810.30 $ compared to the opening price of 1806.70 $ due to the US dollar decline.
  • While silver futures increased by 0.11% to reach 26.29 $ compared to the opening price of 26.32 $.
  • U.S. Core Consumer Price Index (CPI) MoM
  • The USD records a slight decline ahead of Jerome Powell’s speech.
  • The USD index also recorded an increase of 0.06% to reach 92.19, compared to the opening at 92.13
  • Asian stocks start trading today in the green color for the second session in a row like American stocks.
The financial market today, July 14th Economic Calendar
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