What is Money Laundering?

Money laundering is the process of concealing illicitly acquired funds through legitimate acts to appear legal and cannot be traced back to their source. From

In order to protect the safety of our clients and traders, we strictly adhere to the anti-money laundering policy to be legal and strictly prohibit any of our employees or agents from participating in any money laundering or other illegal financial transactions. Anti-money laundering policy includes advanced customer protection, transparency policy, and direct payment procedures.

How do we prevent money laundering?

To balance the requirements of AML and reduce the burden of compliance you, we use highly sophisticated electronic systems to verify documents, monitor transactions and analyze the flow of funds.


The first guarantee is the proper verification of customer identification documents (KYC). In order to ensure compliance with AML regulations, we ask you to send the following:

  • A government-issued identity card bearing your photo. Examples of such documents include passport, ID card or government issued driving license.
  • Proof of current residence address. The date of this document must not exceed three months and include the full name and address of the residence. Examples include bank statements, utility bills or any other invoice from an internationally recognized organization.
  • If you transfer money to us using your credit card, we require a copy of your credit card with only the last 4 digits.

Please note that regulatory requirements vary in some countries, and we may need to request more documentation from you.


We do not accept payments from any third party. Deposits must be in your name and match the registration documents. When you withdraw money, anti-money laundering regulations require you to return the money to the same source as the funds. This means that if funds are deposited by bank transfer, withdrawal funds will be sent to the same account. Similarly, if you use a credit card ending in 1234 from Bank A to deposit our money, we will return your money to your credit card ending in 1234 from Bank A. To reduce the risk of using our services to finance terrorism and money laundering, we do not accept cash deposits or We pay money.


The AML regulations require us to monitor and track suspicious transactions and to report these activities to the relevant law enforcement agencies. We reserve the right to refuse the transfer at any stage if we believe that the transfer may be connected in any way to criminal activity or money laundering. By law, we are prohibited from informing customers that a suspicious activity report has been submitted to enforcement agencies.