Frequently Asked Questions

Starting with Infinityecn

  • How do I verify my account?

    After you register with Infinityecn, you will be asked to provide some documents in compliance with the regulations. The verification steps are simple, you will need to provide us with a valid ID, proof of address, and your phone number. Any further data or documentation might also be requested in certain conditions.

  • How do I provide required documents?

    You will find “upload requested files” where you can simply press on and upload the files.

  • Why should I provide the requested documents?

    To comply with the international compliance standards and to receive the best service offered by Infinityecn

  • What is the approved age for trading with Infinityecn?

    No younger than 18 years old

  • How do I receive support from Infinityecn team?

    You may go to “support” or you can contact us through

  • I do not have an experience in trading, how can I start?

    You may benefit from our “Academy” or register with our Webinars, you can also request assistance by Account Manager

  • Are there any restrictions or rules for trading?

    – No deposit is allowed to be made using a third party’ credit card nor can a third party do the deposit in your behalf
    – you cannot cancel a deposit process, you may process a withdraw later
    – you may not withdraw amount in a different method or deposit
    – any bonus provided by Infinityecn shall only be used for trading and cannot be withdrawn
    – we advise that you view our policies and regulations by visiting Legal

  • How to subscribe and unsubscribe to mailing list?

    You shall be automatically subscribed to the mailing list once you register, you may request being unsubscribed by

  • Deposit and withdrawal

  • How can I deposit and withdraw?

    You may file a deposit/ withdrawal form by visiting ”Deposit/withdrawal”

  • How long does it take for the money to be deposited or withdrawn?

    Deposit/ withdrawal process takes a maximum of 10 days from our side, any delay may occur due to bank procedures

  • What is the minimum?

    250 $ is the minimum amount for a deposit

  • Will my funds be secured with Infinityecn?

    – Yes, as we keep clients’ finance deposited in a separate bank account from the company’s bank account
    – We commit to full compliance to the requirements defined by controlling authorities
    – All data shall be encrypted to guarantee full security.
    – The company keeps a continuing monitor of all activities and enhancing protection measures to ensure highest security.

  • What should I do if my account is blocked?

    Contact our support team through “support” or via our email

  • What is the minimum limit for a

    20 US dollars is the minimum limit for a withdrawal

  • Does the withdrawals appear in my bank statement?

    Yes, all transactions shall appear on your bank statement

  • Will there be any fees on my withdrawn funds from my account?

    Yes, those fees are subject to variation from time to time.
    Learn more about fees by visiting ”fees”

  • How can I file a complaint?

    By filling “complaint” form found on our platform or contact us through our email at

  • Why I receive a failed withdrawal process?

    For several reasons including:
    – Insufficient balance
    – Exceeding the withdrawal limit
    – Less than permitted limit of withdrawal

  • What are the currencies allowed for opening a trading account?

    You may deposit using US dollar, Euro, KWD, or SAR

  • Trading

  • What is a margin call?

    A margin is the balance in your account required to keep open positions. You must keep sufficient margin of Cash Equity in your account to trade freely, however, if your balance becomes negative, all your trades and positions shall be closed and you can no longer use your account until all positions are completely closed and the balance is no longer negative

  • How do you provide a margin call?

    We provide you with warning through a notification or email

  • Do I get to trade at night?

    Indeed, Infinityecn offers the ability to trade with international markets at their real-time trading hours

  • What are stop loss and take profit?

    When opening a position, you shall benefit from the defining your “stop loss” point which is the point when you close the position for the price drops and you wish to prevent the position from a larger loss, and “take profit” is the point when you wish to close the position for the price reaches your desired profit.

  • How do I place an order?

    You may contact your account manager to place an order or you go to “place order”

  • What is the Islamic account?

    It is a customized account to Islamic Sharia standards where you can trade globally 100% interest free.

  • What is the maximum amount for trade?

    Every position and trade has its own limit to open a single position

  • How does CFDs work?

    It stands for trading contracts for difference, and it is a way of contracting among the user and broker that doesn’t require the direct buying and selling of the assets, but replicating the market conditions for trading and later settling the difference among them under the contract conditions after the position is closed.

  • What are the benefits of trading CFDs?

    There are many benefits of trading CFDs, to mention but some:
    – To benefit a higher leverage.
    – Having global market access from one platform
    – Variety of trading opportunities
    – Flexible trading sizes and much more cost-effective on trades.

  • Will there be any commissions on trading?

    Yes, those commissions are subject to variation from time to time.
    Learn more about commission by visiting ”fees”

  • Why every position starts with a negative value?

    Every instrument has buy and sell prices. This difference in price is called the spread, and contains the commission which we charge on each trade. As soon as you open a trade, the current rate shown is the one at which the position would close.

  • Will anyone manage my investment account?

    No, we shall provide you with all tools needed to trade professionally and with confidence, as we shall also be available for any assistance needed.